MH Hydraulics - 4 million hydraulic parts & components in stock

About Us

Our hydraulic journey started in 1983 in Dammam, Saudi Arabia, and we decided to bring hydraulic knowledge concepts to the nation. We garnered support from our suppliers and partners, and once we realised that heat, humidity, and sand is a hydraulic system’s worst enemy, we started with training, sales and service. Throughout this, we built relationships and, most importantly, friends for life.

In 2013, we decided to start a distribution center that sells technical components from our duty-free zone in the UAE.

Our aim was to share knowledge, improve reliability and component life, and therefore protect your investment.

Quality products close to our customers.
Assisting local companies to set up qualified hydraulic workshops.
With our MH Certified Repair Centers (CRC’s), you can expect; training, testing, manufacturing, assembling, and after-sales service.
We seriously take care of our customer’s customers.