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Test Benches

We design and manufacture high quality electric test benches, capable of testing open and closed loop pumps from 45 up to 140 kW. Stepless speed control between 0 and 2800 rpm makes it possible to test most common pumps.

Pressure Testing

Our test benches are capable of pressure testing from 0 up to 350 bar. A turbine flow pipe measures the oil flow in combination with pressure, tempera- ture and drive speed. A laptop with printer produces a test diagram. Optional is the

in-line particle counter to provide infor- mation on pollution of the hydraulic oil. Several alarms are fitted for monitoring of temperature, oil filter etc. All MH Dynamic Testbenches are equiped with the MH easy slide mounting system and all frames are designed for a max. of 140Kw.

Lower capacity testbenches can easily be upgraded later.

We offer test benches in various capacities. Read the Fact Sheet here.