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Hydraulic Cylinders

ABS Cylinders B.V. & WDH Cylinders B.V. are part of the MH Hydraulics Group

ABS Cylinders is a supplier of high-quality (stainless steel) cylinders and hydraulic products.
The most common types of cylinders and customised options for special applications.
The main advantages of ordering hydraulic cylinders from ABS:
Fast delivery, expert advice, always the right cylinder for any purpose, good price-quality ratio. ABS is a specialist in cylinders.

  • Double-acting cylinders, single-acting cylinders
  • Cylinders that meet the requirements of the ISO 6020 and ISO 6022 quality marks, specifically for the industry
  • Telescopic cylinders, long travel for limited installation space applications

Manufacturing and Repair

WDH Cylinders produces all sizes of hydraulic cylinders for the maritime and industrial sectors. The variety of cylinders is enormous – from large cylinders that are used in offshore and dredging industries, to the smaller cylinders for mega yachts. We pay equal attention to all of the products and projects.

Our hydraulic cylinders can also be fitted with a hydraulic clamping device. A clamping device is activated as soon as the pressure in the hydraulic systems drops. This prevents any uncontrolled movement, which ensures safety.

Do you need custom-made, hydraulic cylinders? Our company offers them in all sizes, from large cylinders, used in the offshore and dredging industry, to small cylinders, used in mega yachts.

Besides producing custom-made WDH cylinders, we also repair, and modify them; even those from other builders. Time and time again, our short lines of communication turn out to be a powerful force in any field.